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blaqnamerykah [userpic]

Welcome to Serenity!

July 26th, 2009 (04:00 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: relaxed
current song: Angie Stone - Mad Issues


I am NOT a newcomer to the LiveJournal community. I previously kept two other blogs, which are no longer activated. I took a two year haitius, as I suffered writers block and lost my motivation for why I love to write.

*This is a FRIENDS ONLY journal.
*Here I will indulge in personal, life, inspiration, college, empowerment, education, make-up rants!
*I am a 500% supporter of POSITIVITY!
*I LOVE those who LOVE to keep it REAL!
*This isn't a dropbox for your negativity, so please throw your concerns elsewhere!


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